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Train Your Mind

Bethany Hamilton, Gabby Reece, & Laird Hamilton

Your mindset is a critical asset to living an Unstoppable Life.  It can shape your life for better or for worse, especially in challenging or dark times.  You get to decide how you view yourself and the world!

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Quick Details:
  • 7 videos with Bethany, Gabby, and Laird
  • Action Steps laid out for you with each video
  • Mobile App for on the go
  • Lifetime Access- so you can go at your own pace

"I struggle with depression, and while I've had some down days since this covid started, overall, I am FLOURISHING! My husband keeps telling me how proud he is of me for how I've pivoted. I am so grateful. I've taken the opportunity to revamp my whole website for my travel blog. And I've been using my time to write and self-publish a series of novellas! Retraining my mind has been the best thing that could have come out of COVID, and this course is helping so much!"


Training Your Mindset Will…

  • Leave you wanting to wake up, and feeling positive towards life
  • Enable breakthrough success in areas you’ve struggled
  • Bring confidence to your decisions
  • Take on the mundane everyday life with a fresh and new perspective
$19.99 - Get instant access

When your mindset is in a downward or negative pattern the world around you feels like it’s against you and is holding you back.  In this course you’ll be inspired to change your mindset patterns, which can truly change the course of your life!

"This was one of my favorite courses...I learned that 'If I flip me, I flip my environment', this is now a tool I use on the regular!"


It’s Your Turn.

$19.99 - Get instant access

Meet Your Guides

Gabby Reece

Olympian, Model, Fitness Entrepreneur

Inspirational leader, New York Times bestselling author, wife, and mother. The former professional beach volleyball player and Nike’s first female spokeswoman is the definition of both athleticism and beauty. Creator HIGHX, Co-Founder of XPT, and Executive Member of Laird Superfood, Gabby is dedicated to building and leading health and fitness methods.

Laird Hamilton

Big Wave Surfing Legend, Innovator, Laird Superfoods

Laird Hamilton is best known as an American big-wave surfer and pioneer in the world of action water sports. In addition to his affinity for the water, Laird is labeled as an inventor, author, stunt man, model, producer, TV host, fitness and nutrition expert, husband, father and adrenaline junkie.