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Live yourpassion

Bethany Hamilton, Bob Goff & Mike Coots

We’ll show you how to live your passion to create a fire and desire to wake up each day and live toward your purpose!

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    Quick Details:
    • 6 videos with Bethany, Bob and Mike
    • Action Steps laid out for you with each video 
    • Mobile App for on the go 
    • Lifetime Access- so you can go at your own pace

    "One thing that this course has inspired in me is my power to create my world. So much of healing is more than erasing physical symptoms. It's about living fully as co-creators, created in God's image to be creators ourselves. I choose not to consume only, but to daily find new ways to create, to add more value to this beautiful yet in many ways broken world, and in doing so, grow into who I'm meant to become. I have 9+ years of autoimmunity to thank for helping me realize this. I am living out my passion!"


    This course will help you to...

    • Discover your unique passions
    • Connect the things you love to your purpose
    • Achieve your dreams, passions, and aspirations
    • Get deeper than social media
    • Live your most awesome life
    $19.99 - Get instant access

    We’ll show you how to live your passion to create a fire and desire to wake up each day and live toward your purpose!

    "I have had many epiphanies going through the Live Your Passions Course! I am thankful to have more reasons to spend time cherishing my precious new baby girl. I am trusting God's timing, for my other passions... It's hard to let go and let God... But I have to trust that I will have more opportunities in his time... right now my greatest calling is being a mommy!"


    You can too!

    $19.99 - Get instant access

    Meet Your Guides

    Bob Goff

    NY Times Best Seller, CEO, Faith Leader

    Bob calls himself a "recovering lawyer" because after practicing law for 25 years, then becoming the Honorary Consul to Uganda, he gave up his law firm to pursue writing and speaking full time. The best part has been connecting with so many people who are on a terrific adventure as well.

    Mike Coots

    Mike Coots was my spark of hope when he visited me in the hospital after I lost my arm. He made me believe it was possible to surf again with only one arm! Mike is a shark attack survivor who lost his leg, then learned to surf with a specifically designed prosthetic leg. He is a talented photographer and shark advocate who pursues his passions daily, often diving with sharks around the world.