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Learn how toforgive

Bethany Hamilton & Dr. Kerry Dillberg

We’ll show you how to practice forgiveness for yourself and others which is one of the most powerful actions we can take!

$19.99 - Get instant access
Quick Details:
  • 6 videos with Bethany and Dr. Kerry Dillberg
  • Action Steps laid out for you with each video
  • Mobile App for on the go
  • Lifetime Access- so you can go at your own pace

"The forgiveness techniques in this course have been life-giving for me! I use them several times a week now and/or as needed."


In this course, you’ll

  • Freedom from the dark cloud you allowed their actions to keep you in
  • Self-love and grace
  • Relationships open up for real connection
$19.99 - Get instant access

We’ll show you how to practice forgiveness for yourself and others which is one of the most powerful actions we can take!

"This was the MOST powerful course for me. Since going through the steps Dr. Dillberg described I am WAY less angry. There was so much to forgive: My Parents, My siblings, My 'Friends' but the most important was MYSELF. I didn't realize that I still held the belief 'If I was better they would love me,' or 'IF I was different this wouldn't have happened.' By working through the steps for forgiveness Dr. Dillberg laid out I have changed my life FOREVER by forgiving MYSELF and not holding on to the past. I have completely stopped using alcohol (to cope, to numb etc) -and I am working on feeling guilt for all the drama that caused now. I have lost weight and wake up looking forward to my day! I am not so AFRAID of what will come- I used to plan for worst case scenarios all the time. Now I say- I've survived a lot, and I can handle whatever comes in my path."


It’s Your Turn.

$19.99 - Get instant access

Meet Your Guides

Bethany Hamilton

Most people know me as a professional surfer, author, and motivational speaker—but I’m also a wife, a mama of three boys, and a follower of Christ.  At just 13 years old—right as my surfing career was beginning to take shape—I was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark. While I was lucky to survive, I lost my left arm. With astounding resilience, I hopped back on my board just a month after the attack, won my first national title two years later, and was able to call myself a pro surfer by the time I turned 17. 

Through all this, I discovered the keys to living "Unstoppable" and am here to share them with you!

Dr. Kerry Dillberg

Dual Licensed Holistic Health Expert

Dr. Dillberg is dedicated to comprehensive and holistic healthcare. With his dual licenses in Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine he has continued to study the most up to date advancements in preventive and corrective healthcare. It has been his passion at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare to help patients realize a healthier and happier lifestyle and assist them in removing the limitations that are caused by sickness and pain.

Dr. Dillberg's practices in Kauai, Hawaii with his wife, Michele, their 3 children and 8 grandchildren.