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Be Inspired tobless others

Bethany Hamilton & Sarah Hill

In the darkest of times that I’ve faced, others came in to bring me light.  When we are not focused on just ourselves, and we seek to Bless Others, our lives are become much more fulfilling!

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Quick Details:
  • 5 videos with Bethany & Sarah Hill
  • Action Steps laid out for you with each video
  • Mobile App for on the go
  • Lifetime Access- so you can go at your own pace

"I have found more empathy and Compassion for others- which would not be possible without this course (Thanks Kate & Sarah Hill)! I am a better version of myself, have a better outlook on life with the TOOLS I learned in this course. AND I am so much happier - which makes me UNSTOPPABLE!"


Why is Bless Others Important?

  • Find greater purpose
  • Gain an understanding of how you can bless others and not burn yourself out
  • Know and be aware of your self-worth
  • Desire to bless more and more
$19.99 - Get instant access

Let’s flip 2020 on its head and move forward into 2021 with resilience and determination and an Unstoppable life approach!

”I now know when I bless others it creates a momentum to continue to bless more people! I love this course!”


It’s Your Turn.

$19.99 - Get instant access

Meet Your Guides

Bethany Hamilton

Most people know me as a professional surfer, author, and motivational speaker—but I’m also a wife, a mama of three boys, and a follower of Christ.  At just 13 years old—right as my surfing career was beginning to take shape—I was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark. While I was lucky to survive, I lost my left arm. With astounding resilience, I hopped back on my board just a month after the attack, won my first national title two years later, and was able to call myself a pro surfer by the time I turned 17. 

Through all this, I discovered the keys to living "Unstoppable" and am here to share them with you!

Sarah Hill

Director of Friends of Bethany

Sarah is a Christian speaker and a youth leader on the island of Kauai. She is a founding board member and the present Executive Director of my non-profit, Friends of Bethany Hamilton. Sarah has devoted her life to serving God and others.